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  • First look: Steam’s In-Home Streaming with a Mac

    When Steam announced that its latest desktop app build supports gameplay controls, audio, and video streamed through another platform —I was happily shocked. This is futuristic stuff, lemme tell ya. Here is what’s going on: In-Home Streaming: How does it work? Quick and dirty? Watch my video. First there’s a host PC, likely running Microsoft Windows,…

  • Project Lore: Big Brother Is Armorying You

    The good folks over at Project Lore have noticed that Blizzard did a major revamp to its World of Warcraft Armory site and the changes are quite revealing to say the least: “…Now the new Armory goes a bit beyond that; not only can you check out a persons gear, you can check to see…

  • Warcraft Player Trying To Level Without Killing Anyone

    A college student is attempting to level two “pacifist” characters up to the top of World of Warcraft’s character progression, characters he’s playing without attacking anything. It’s partly to try out the philosophy of pacifism in the violent virtual world, and partly to see if he can do itread more | digg story