Dropbox 100 million strong, DirectX

Some of the week’s most interesting tech news…

Dropbox woos 100 million users and counting

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Want to know how Dropbox has created such a monstrous following? Simple —they weaved the service around a seamless user-experience, mobile-friendly options, and no-nonsense usage. It doesn’t matter how powerful a technology is; if there’s enough complexity then the market will avoid it out of sheer confusion.

Microsoft to offer DirectX 11.1 as a Windows 8 exclusive

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Our take: This one is a toss-up. The situation pits the gamer community (which usually takes a wait-and-see approach based on performance benchmarks) against big title studios —generally flushed with cash to partner with Microsoft to market their game prominently alongside a Windows 8 badge. Many hardcore gamers are averse to newer graphics drivers if they don’t explicitly state improvements in FPS or stability. UPDATE: Microsoft may release some features of DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7.

I’m keeping this update short this week as I’ve had some technical problems with my site —which will make for a great article soon…


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