Site maintenance, major changes coming soon

Posterous is going bye-bye so we are consolidating our media

Live blog is coming back

In preparation for major changes to the website, I’m doing some housecleaning. I’m saddened that Posterous is shutting down… To keep our existing posts alive, I am moving our LIVE subdomain here back in WordPress. What’s unclear is how well the archived data will meld into the website. I plan to use the techniques outlined in a recent WordPress dev post:

Next up, RSS

The future of Feedburner is unclear so I’m taking the subdomain “RSS” and keeping it as a standard A-Record until I find a polished alternative, in the event Feedburner goes officially belly-up.

Theme change

I admit, my 2011 theme wasn’t done well and was rushed out the door. “Pedestal of the Lunar Fang” was my adaptation (child theme) of WordPress’s Twenty Eleven parent theme and served as a way for me to understand the child theme process, inherited CSS, and proper customization workflow. The next theme, launching spring 2013, will also be a child theme but from a different source. If I have edits, I will publish them in my GitHub repository.


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